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Website Speed test & Optimisation

Elevate Your WordPress Speed with Web Solutions Fed up with your website loading at a snail’s pace reminiscent of 1995 dial-up? Bid farewell to the sluggish speed of your website with our remarkable WordPress Speed Optimization service


Search Engine Optimisation

Practical marketing, real outcomes

Search engines such as Google and Bing evaluate numerous ranking factors to determine which content ranks highest in search results. While some factors are within your control, others pose greater challenges.

In essence, Google favors brands that exhibit E-A-T: Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. Additionally, Google recognises that users seek swift access to dependable content and seamless experiences during their online browsing.

SEO doesn’t have to be complex, but certain fundamental elements must be correctly implemented to optimise your organic (unpaid) traffic from search engines

Slow websites belong to the past.

Experience the thrill of our high-performance optimisation service designed to propel your WordPress site to new heights, creating a lightning-fast user experience.

Let us revolutionise your website into a streamlined, quick-loading powerhouse, driven by cutting-edge strategies aligned with Google’s Page Speed Insights.

speed optimisation

What’s included

When it comes to speed, every millisecond counts.
Trust us with your website speed optimisation, and we’ll make sure your site is always first off the starting line.

Image Optimisation: Pixel Perfect Speed

We’ll trim down your graphics! Our process involves crunching, squeezing, and compressing your images without sacrificing their sharp, crisp quality. Witness your pages loading in the blink of an eye.

JS & CSS Minification: Trimming the Fat

We go beyond mere “minification” of JavaScript & CSS; we subject them to an intensive marathon training program. This effectively reduces your website’s data size without compromising functionality.

Compression Activation: Packing a Punch

Compression Activation: Packing a Punch

We activate compression to condense your web files into compact bundles of joy. Similar to a suitcase expertly packed for a round-the-world trip, we make sure your web pages include everything they need, with ample room to spare.

Browser Caching Leverage: The Art of Reuse

Avoid making your visitors reload resources they’ve already seen. We boost your browser caching, enabling repeat visitors to load your website faster than you can say “optimisation”!

Server Response Time Reduction

Similar to a finely-tuned engine that instantly responds to the driver’s touch, we minimize server response time to guarantee your website is always prepared to leap into action. Experience the thrill of instant responses.

Code Clean-Up: Spring Cleaning for your Site

A tidy code is a swift code. We navigate through your website’s codebase like a team of digital Marie Kondos, cleaning up and decluttering to optimise efficiency and speed.

DNS Level Firewall: Security at the Speed of Light

A robust firewall isn’t just about security; it’s a vital speed solution. We implement a DNS-level firewall that protects against threats without compromising your users’ experience.

Cache Control & Expires Headers

We’ll manage your cache and configure “expires headers,” ensuring browsers know precisely when to retrieve a new version of your files.

Journey To Jet Speed: Your WordPress Site Optimization Roadmap

Experience the thrill of our high-performance optimization service designed to propel your WordPress site to new heights, creating a lightning-fast user experience.

Website Diagnostics

Our developers will delve into the guts of your WordPress site, sifting through the digital labyrinth to pinpoint where we can tune up the speed.


Getting Under the Hood

With the plan picked and requirements outlined, we’ll handpick a dedicated developer from Vibes to start revving up your site. You’re not just getting a developer, you’re getting a pit crew!


The Blueprint

Our analysis won’t just be a bunch of techno-jargon. It will morph into a practical roadmap for pedal-to-the-metal speed optimisation, tailored to the unique needs of your WordPress site.


Your Power Up

We get it, budgets vary. That’s why we’ll guide you through our pricing plans, each brimming with its own set of supercharged benefits. You choose the suit that fits best!


The Reveal

After our investigative deep-dive, we’ll unfurl a comprehensive analysis of your website, peppered with nuggets of intelligence and steps to transform your site from a slowpoke to a speedster.


Show And Tell

All done with the tune-up? Brace yourself. We’ll present a detailed report of your WordPress site’s performance optimisation, laden with data from top-tier speed analysis tools. Watch as your site zips past its old self.